Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Molten Dusk by Karissa Laurel

Paperback, 280 pages
Published August 2017 by Red Adept Publishing, LLC
While recovering from a devastating betrayal, Solina becomes increasingly drawn to Thorin as he helps her hunt down Skoll, the mythical wolf who vowed to kill her. If she can find and destroy the beast, she’ll bring a swift and brutal end to her enemies’ schemes. But nothing ever goes as planned in Solina’s strange new world.

During her search for Skoll, Solina uncovers a plot to unleash a battalion of legendary soldiers and launch an apocalyptic war. Before she and her allies can locate the fabled army, several ghosts from her past return to haunt her. Solina must fight for life and the fate of the world, or her hopes for love and a peaceful future will go up in flames. 

My Thoughts…
Molten Dusk is book three in The Norse Chronicles.   This is a series that must be read in order.   Each book continues where the one before it ends.     Once again, the only things I would have changed is giving a little history.   Since there is a lap in the time between publishing of book  2 and 3 I think it would have been nice to have a little catch up reminding the reader what was happening when book 2 ended and book 3 starts.   Other than that, I love this series. 

The characters are consistent and true to themselves.    I felt like Solina was right in her lack of trust of most people.   She went from being a “normal” person to finding out that all that she thought she knew was not quite true.    When that happens you cannot possibly trust everyone and everything you encounter.   I liked that she didn’t just take things at face value and knew enough to trust her own heart and instincts.    

The storyline is amazing.   I fell in love with this series in the first book and have found that it only gets better with each book.      The history of the characters is revealed as the story continues, the reasoning behind the actions of the characters is revealed as the story goes on, and the friendships continue to develop.    

Karissa Laurel has an amazing series, set of characters, and storyline that I cannot wait to read more of. 

Thank you Lynn at Red Adept Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.    The thoughts above are 100% my own. 

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About the Author
Karissa Laurel always dabbled in writing, but she also wanted to be a chef when she grew up. So she did. After years of working nights, weekends, and holidays, she burnt out and said, “Now what do I do?” She tried a bunch of other things, the most steady of those being a paralegal for state government, but nothing makes her as happy as writing. She has published several short stories and reads “slush” for a couple of short-story markets.

Karissa lives in North Carolina with her kid, her husband, the occasional in-law, and a very hairy husky. She loves to read and has a sweet tooth for speculative fiction. Sometimes her husband convinces her to put down the books and take the motorcycles out for a spin. When it snows, you’ll find her on the slopes.
Karissa also paints and draws and harbors a grand delusion that she might finish a graphic novel someday.

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