Friday, August 4, 2017

#CoolGrannies (#CoolGrannies #1) by Susan Allison-Dean & GIVEAWAY

#CoolGrannies (#CoolGrannies #1)
Kindle Edition, 142 pages
Published May 26th 2017 by Sea and Farm

When Maretta's husband of over fifty years dies suddenly, she impulsively decides to take a road trip. Why stick around? Her sons aren't married and they don't live nearby. Maretta's best friend, Joan, has issues of her own with her son, so she decides to join Maretta.

With no map, no plan, and a car nearly as old as them, they take off from their sleepy, upstate New York town. They don't tell their sons they are leaving, but they end up finding out in a surprising way. That's when the real fun, and drama, begins.

Cool Grannies is the Golden Girls Version of Thelma and Louise, minus the cliff. Filled with fun, sassiness and inspiration. Maretta and Joan make getting old look fun! 

My Thoughts…

Have you ever wanted to get away?   Just disappear from your everyday life and have some fun?   That is exactly what Maretta and Joan decide to do.   They hop in Maretta’s husbands convertible and head for the open road.    Little do they know that they will be coming social media stars.    The #coolgrannies takes off and everyone is looking for them, even their sons.   

I love these ladies.    To heck with what is expected of “older” ladies.   They are going to enjoy the life they have and see the world.    I laugh here because they didn’t really get too far but they had fun in the distance that they did travel.    

#Coolgrannies is such a fun story.    I only hope I can live life as these ladies are in my golden years.     The ending was wonderful.    I won’t ruin it but I love how it all came together perfectly.   

Susan Allison-Dean did a great job writing this short story.   I recommend picking up your own copy.  

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