Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rescue Me (Men of Honor #3) by Lara Van Hulzen

Published November 3, 2015 by Lara Van Hulzen

Keith is a soldier with a wounded heart.
Torie’s secrets haunt her.
Can they trust love enough to mend what’s broken?

Torie Walker is a police officer with a past she’d like to stay hidden from. Staying at her best friend’s cabin in the mountains over Christmas is just what she needs. However, when a handsome cowboy saunters into her life, she takes the risk and trusts him with her secrets.

Keith Scott is a United States Marine. Home for the holidays, he intends to spend a quiet Christmas with his family. What he doesn’t plan on is Torie Walker, a woman who mends his heart and makes him want to love again.

My Thoughts…

I expected a lovely romance novel and that is exactly what I got but there were so many bonus’ throughout the book.    While romance was not on Keith or Torie’s mind it was obvious from their first meeting that there was something between them.  Both were cautious, which I loved.    Keith and Torie both took it one day at a time, which I loved.    They did not just fall into lust or bed with each other.   As a matter of fact they did not sleep together at all during the entire book.   This was so refreshing to me.   I love a hot, steamy, sexy book as much as the next person but it was like a breath of fresh air to read Rescue Me.   

Lara Van Hulzen wrote a romance novel with a twist of Christianity.    The Christian part of the book was not the story.   There was mention of reading a bible, of praying, and of putting it in God’s hand but the real story was the romance.     The romance was sweet and slow.  There was no rush to get to the end of the story.   I wanted more of Keith and Torie.    Their relationship was beautiful and respectful.   There was never any doubt that they belonged together, yet it did not just happen. 

This was the first book by Lara Van Hulzen.    I am hoping to go back and read the first two books in this series but I do not feel that I missed anything by starting with book #3.     I am sure I would understand the other relationships in this book better by reading the other books.   

I recommend checking out this series and this book.    It is the perfect book to cuddle up in front of a fire with and drinking some hot cocoa.   

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