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Wanted by Krista Holly

Author: Krista Holly
Genre: Contemporary Romance
With a Mother that shipped her off to boarding school as fast as she could, feeling unwanted is nothing new to Lo. When she got a chance to convince her parents to let he move back home, she went from feeling unwanted to being wanted by every guy in school.

Chase has always looked forward to summer and seeing Lo. He's loved her devil-may-care attitude from the start. But when she moves back to town for good she's changed and no longer the carefree girl she once was.

When jealousy gets the best of some people, you never know what's going to happen, especially when they want something you have.

Would you let someone take away everything you’ve ever wanted?



I knew exactly how to throw her off her game. But I didn’t want her to throw me out.
“Lo,” I barely whispered when I came up behind her at the sink. She was rinsing off our plates. I was an inch from being flush against her back. The urge to close the gap was strong. Like a moth to a flame, my body was being pulled to her. My muscles ached, clenched, wanting her wrapped around me.
I reached around her and took the plate, placing it at the bottom of the sink. She turned the faucet off then braced herself, hands clenching the edge of the counter. I heard her breathing hitch, then shallow, quick breaths escaped her mouth. I could see her shoulders rise and fall. I reached my other hand out and placed it next to hers. “Can I stay?” It was the only thing I really wanted.
I didn’t care if we just stayed up and talked, or not even talked. Music, movies, games—I didn’t care. I just wanted to be in her presence. She blew out a hot breath.
“No,” she breathed out.
I knew if I pushed her too much she would throw my ass out in a heartbeat. But I wasn’t leaving without a fight.
“Please, Lo.” I leaned into her, still not touching her but moving my mouth close enough to her ear that she could feel my breath and I could see her hair move from the force of it. “I won’t try anything. I swear.” I’d promise not to touch her, if that’s really what she wanted. I’d promise her anything.
But when I looked down to her arm I could see the goose bumps covering her bicep. I could practically feel the heat radiating off of her. It was euphoric and entrancing. This moment felt just right. It felt like I could stay here forever. Hovering over the most infuriating and beautiful girl I’d ever laid eyes on.
Her shoulders slumped when she let out a deep breath. “What are you doing Chase?” Lo was trying not to give in but even I could tell that she really wanted to. She felt it too. “Weren’t you just with Cam?” It was a question but came out as more of a statement.
I hated being reminded of that night. I was so damn frustrated with Lo that I didn’t even think twice. I just buried myself in something meaningless so I wouldn’t focus on Lo running off in the middle of the night with some fucking douche bag.
Cam was absolutely nothing to me. I’m a dick for saying it, but it’s true. Lo was becoming everything. I was obsessed. I needed to get under her skin like she did mine.
“That was nothing,” I whispered to her. I knew it wasn’t the answer she would want or the answer she deserved. But it was honest and she deserved that much from me. “I’ll do whatever it takes to prove that I’m not that guy. I’m not Dieter and I’m certainly not Beckon.”
She finally released her hold on the edge of the counter and turned to face me. She kept her head low and avoided eye contact. Her chest rose and fell quickly. “I can’t do this with you. Just last week you were calling me a whore, now your defending me and trying to prove your worthiness? What is it with you guys? You can’t get me one way so you’ll try to swoon me into oblivion.” With her last word she finally locked eyes with me.
There was always a wall up in her eyes, but I could see it crack and start to crumble. Lo was putting up a worthy fight but I could feel her faltering. If I just swooped in and sealed the deal with a kiss I know she’d finally let go of the chain holding her back.
Leaning into her, tasting her breath, watching her eyes shift from my mouth to my eyes, I was almost there. She put her hands on my chest. I thought she was going to push me away. She started to but then she gripped the material like it was her lifeline.
Our lips touched, but before devouring her like I wanted to, I asked, “Is this okay?” She took a deep breath, her ocean eyes shut for what felt like forever. I was struggling to hold myself back and when her eyes finally opened I could see her letting the wall crumble.
She moved her lips tentatively and kissed me, slow. It was so slow it was painful. I felt the buzz spread through my body and head straight for my dick. I wanted to speed things up, but she seemed more comfortable taking it slow so I followed her lead.. I pushed myself into her, pinning her against the counter. I wrapped one hand around her waist and the other threaded through her hair and traveled down to her neck.
I didn’t want to be rough but I couldn’t help but jerk her towards me. She started to open her mouth to me and I took the opportunity to sink my tongue into her mouth and take what she was giving. She tasted spicy and sweet at the same time. It was the perfect, heady combination.
I almost lost my control when she moaned into my mouth. Lo released my shirt and wrapped her arms around my neck and threaded her fingers into the hair at the nape of my neck. It tickled but it was the best fucking turn on I’d ever had.
Her touches were hesitant, but when she finally made contact it was greedy. I could stay here forever.
Consuming her.
Raptured by her.
I was lost in her touch and when she bit down on my bottom lip and tugged a little, every sensation I had shot straight to my groin. I was rock hard and straining to contain myself. I moved my hand down to her ass and pushed her harder against me.
I wanted her to feel what she was doing to me. Her effect was only growing stronger with every second, minute, and hour I got to be with her. It was torture but the good kind. Feeling her like this.
I had no doubts about her. She was wild but tame. Almost like she was questioning if she was doing it right. I pulled her against me harder, pressing her into me, not giving her an inch away from my body. She pulled back and gasped for air. I took the moment to kiss her jaw and down her neck. Kissing and sucking as I went. She let out a taut moan and I could feel her pulse hammering in her neck. I kissed her there. Trying to calm her, but shit, even I wasn’t calm.
When I slid my hand down from her neck and to the front of her tank top I felt her jump a little. I rested my hand on her hip and started to caress the little sliver of skin that showed. I continued to suck on her neck.
“Chase,” she said, and I couldn’t tell if it was a plea for more or a sign that she was about to stop what I damn well didn’t want to stop. “Chase, stop,” she said so hoarse and raspy, I couldn’t actually believe she wanted me to.
But then she pushed on my chest and turned her head away from me. Shock coursed through me.
“Lo, what’s wrong?” I asked panting. I knew she felt what I did. Why was she stopping me?
“I just can’t do this, okay? You need to go to your party.” 

** Teasers were provided by the author, but were created by @butthisbook from instagram ** 

Krista Holly

Krista Holly is an avid reader and a Namast’ay in bed kind of girl. She started life in the City of Sin then traveled the country most of her life, going from coast to coast. A gypsy at heart with a passion for traveling and meeting new people. An ambivert, if you will. The only things she likes at Starbucks are Valencia Orange Refreshers and pumpkin bread and the occasional French Vanilla Cappuccino. She loves dogs and cuddling with her 85 pound white unicorn. When she’s not reading or writing or working she’s watching TV with her family or making fun of her brother’s love life.

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