Saturday, July 18, 2015

Unleash My Heart: A Cupid’s Bow Novella by Melissa Storm

Published July 1, 2015 by Partridge & Pear Press

Maybe Charlie Rockwell should have thought a little harder before adopting the large, out-of-control rescue dog she saw featured on the local news—but, then again, her life has always been best with no waiting, no attachments, nobody to hold her back.

Will Porter lives a life of order and routine, so, of course, he's miffed when a savage Rottweiler picks a fight with his golden retriever at the dog park. His anger quickly vanishes when he looks into the tearful eyes of the dog's owner—eyes that look strikingly similar to his ex's. Even though he'd like nothing more than to run in the other direction, he's unable to ignore the beautiful stranger's request for help in taming her new dog.

Can Will get past her resemblance to his ex and finally learn to love—and trust—again? And can Charlie find the fun in a simpler existence? Who knows, maybe opposites really do attract.

My Thoughts…

Melissa Storm knows how to write a novella.    Not every author can write a novella.   It is difficult to pull the reader in within so few pages.    With less than 100 pages to get her story across, Melissa Storm managed to entertain me, get me interested in the characters, and invested in the outcome.   

Unleash My Heart is a cute and loving story.   Will and Charlie are as opposite as any two people can be.    Carefree and living life to the fullest is how Charlie sees herself.    She does not want to be tied down to anyone or anything so she gets a dog.   Yeah, a dog.   Will lives by the rules.   He is straight as an arrow and wants a successful and good life with his dog.     Have you figured out what brings them together?   The common theme?     If not I suggest reading the book.  

Of course, there is more to their story than the dogs.    There is falling in love, fighting falling in love, and the sex.      The plot flows, the story is complete, and the characters are great.   I recommend checking out Unleash My Heart.   

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