Monday, May 25, 2015

The Blow Off by Mickey J. Corrigan

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre:  Mainstream Mystery, Romantic Suspense, Crime, Noir, New Adult
Length:  51,577 words, 198 pages
ISBN: 978.1.5092.0104.4 digital; 978.1.5092.0104.7 paperback
Price: $4.99 digital

Sometimes a girl has to take a guy for all he's got.

One long, hard night of working the streets is more than enough for 25 year old Shea O'Grady, a Boston-based grad student. She just doesn't have the stomach for it. Or the lips. So she comes up with a better way to use her youthful sexiness to pay off her debts. When she shares her plan to seduce and rob johns with Cedrick7Z, her nasty tempered pimp, he agrees to fence her take for a generous cut. So Shea puts together a team of girls to work with her. And she convinces her downstairs neighbor, a hunky Rastafarian dealer dude, to help with the knockout drugs.

Based loosely on the exploits of a sexy set of bottle girls operating in South Florida, The Blow Off is a cautionary tale, a romantic black comedy, and a satirical look at student debt, prostitution, woman on man crime, and the things we do for love.

My Thoughts…

I love Mickey J. Corrigan.   Her short stories always entertain me.    The Blow Off has been added to that list.    I love when you can pick up a book that is under 200 pages and get the whole story.      Within the pages I managed to meet some incredibly interesting and smart women, find a guy who knew what he wanted and how to get it, and see people find their happy ever after.  
While Shea doesn’t have an easy life, she knows where she wants her life to head.   When she finds her partners in crime, her dreams become reality.   I love that she had a rough life, yet managed to work her way out of her problems.   She did not let her tough life pull her down and keep her in the gutters.    Shea also did not forget her friends and those that helped her along the way.    She was true to her friends, always having their backs, yet devious and unforgiving to those who did her wrong.  I definitely would not want to then someone who was on her bad side.   When she says she wants revenge, she means it.    

I have to warn future readers, there is sex, prostitution, drugs, foul language, and an all around tough world shown in The Blow Off.  If this would bother you, then I suggest you pass on this book.   If you are looking for a book that will entertain you, make you laugh, and that is readable in one sitting…this is the book for you.  

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Praise for Mickey J. Corrigan's Books

For many readers, chick lit is like a comfy, well-worn security blanket. When you’ve had a long day and you just need to relax and unwind, it’s familiar and undemanding. You might even find it comforting to curl up with a story about familiar characters working their way through formulaic romantic conundrums. But author Mickey J. Corrigan spices up the same old short romance with a fun pulp fiction twist...quite possibly the best short e-book I’ve read in years.                                                                                         ~ Nights and Weekends 

 "I've only read three of her books and she is HILARIOUS! I know I will be highly entertained by her shenanigans."~Smardy Pants Book Blog

"One of the best things about being a reviewer for Romance Junkies is the vast number of new-to-me authors that I get to read. There is nothing more thrilling to me than finding a writer whose work I can instantly fall in love with. Mickey J. Corrigan is one of those authors for me."~Romance Junkies
"I'll read anything by Ms. Corrigan. All her short pieces I have read were vastly different, but no less entertaining."~Hearts on Fire Reviews

"Mickey J. Corrigan has a fabulous writing style that keeps the reader wanting more... ~Turner's Antics

 "(Her book) reminded me a lot of Jackie Collin's earlier works, which I found quite enjoyable."  ~ Primrose Musings

"Mickey J. Corrigan's work isn't so much a contemporary romance as a sexy thriller. This is a writer who isn't so much interested in the 'nice' side of life, her characters tend to walk on the wild side and on the darker side of romance. But her stories are oh-so-compulsive all the same. Judging by her name, the author seems to be Irish American. Well, that being the case, she's definitely inherited the Irish trait for telling a rattling good yarn." ~Contemporary Romance Reviews 

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