Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rock My Christmas by Laura Kitchell

Published November 22, 2014 by Smashwords Edition

Just because Kendel Price is a woman doesn’t mean she can’t sow her wild oats before starting her career and settling in the suburbs. With that in mind, she takes a job as a personal assistant to Burn Shatterly. Burn is the woman-hating lead guitarist for the mega-famous rock band FlameSmith. As Kendel works past his defenses, she discovers a kind, sexy man underneath his hard exterior. She’s more aware than ever that he doesn’t belong in the future she has planned. Can she leave before she completely falls for him? Or is it too late? Are they both destined for a Christmas heartbreak?

My Thoughts…

Kendel thinks she knows exactly what she wants when she grows up.    Burn lives the fast life and has had too many women take advantage of him.   Then they meet.   Sparks fly from the first time they meet and it just gets more and more intense.   While they both fight their feelings and try to put the sparks out, it is never easy.   The drama, the arguing, and of course the loving is so intense.    They are exactly what true love should be
Rock My Christmas is a cute and fun story.   I was hoping for an easy read with a real story.    That is exactly what I got from Laura Kitchell.   She managed to put a lot of history, future, and love in to a short(er) story.  I loved that I had a background as to why these characters reacted to each other the way they did, why they lived the way they do, and why they were fighting their feelings for each other. 

There are hot males, sexy females, fun travelling, and lots of emotions shared within these pages.    There is a real story with realistic characters.  I recommend checking out Rock My Christmas.

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