Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Fall of Our Secrets by Tracy Gardner Beno

Publish date September 23, 2014 by e-Lit Books

Laura and Nicole, childhood friends separated by mysterious circumstances, meet again quite by accident and renew their friendship.

Laura is a devoted single mom. She’s stuck in a going nowhere relationship, but doesn't realize it until she meets Adam, her newly dubbed Airport Hottie, on the flight home after spending a whirlwind weekend with Nicole.

Nicole is now married to the man of her dreams, but she carries deep wounds from a childhood filled with secrets, constantly afraid to trust any true happiness she encounters.

Together these two best friends work toward uncovering the long buried secrets of Nicole's horrific past, ultimately freeing her to believe in and embrace the new life she’s worked so hard to create. The friendship nurtures both women and Laura finds her own self confidence and the revelation that what she needs is within reach, hers for the taking. 

My Thoughts…

I have been reading so many mushy romance novels lately that I was very interested in The Fall of our Secrets, ready to sink my teeth into a mystery story.   I was not let down.   I loved the way the friendship of Laura and Nicole was shared from their childhood and back into their adult lives.    It proves that true friends will last through almost anything, even an 18 year separation.  

While the story is a mystery story, with abuse, murder, and a disappearance, there is romance in this story.   The romance between Airport Hottie, aka Adam, and Laura was sweet and loving.    It was real and not just fall into bed relationship.   There are true feelings and a teenage son involved.  I loved how Adam was so understanding when Laura had her son and how their relationship would affect him.   

Tracy Gardner Beno wrote a book that even though I am finished with it, I am constantly thinking about it and wanting to share it with my friends.  I will certainly recommend this story. 

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