Monday, September 15, 2014

Doctor January by Rhoda Baxter

Published July 2, 2014 by Choc Lit

If you keep looking back, you might miss what’s standing right in front of you … 

Six months after a painful break-up from Gordon, Beth’s finally getting her life back on track. She has faith in her own scientific theories and is willing to work hard to prove them. She’s even beginning to see Hibs, her dedicated lab partner, as more than just a lousy lothario in a lab-coat and goggles.

So when Gordon arrives back from America without warning and expects to be welcomed back into Beth’s arms, she’s totally thrown. She also quickly begins to see that Gordon isn’t the man she thought he was … Hibs has always held a candle for Beth, but he can only wait so long for her to realise there’s more to life than being patronised and bullied by the one who’s meant to love and protect her. 

My Thoughts….

I’m not sure whether to call this a love story or a story with a life lesson to be learned.    While there is romance, I felt it was more about the mental and eventual physical abuse that a boyfriend, in this case, was causing his girlfriend.  ( Yes I know it can go the other way, girlfriend to boyfriend.)  

I hated Gordon.  From before he was back in Beth’s life I could tell her was nothing but trouble.    When he finally returned my opinion did not change.  It is scary that there are many real people who are like him and have the control that he has over Beth.    I found it eye opening to myself to see all the different ways a person can lead another person to do what they want without coming out and saying it directly.  

I was also sad for Beth.   She had a great life ahead of her, but could not see what was before her own eyes and break out of the deadly and serious path she was heading down.    Beth was incredibly lucky that she had great friends that kept an eye out for her and tried to warn her of what her future will hold.  
Hibs, aka Dr. January, is amazing.   Not only does he support her at work, while her boss pulls her down, he supports her in her personal life.   His feelings for her are extremely obvious, but he manages to keep them in check to do what is best for Beth.  

The only down part of this book was all the science.  Science is not my subject of knowledge so I found that I was sometimes lost in the scientific dialogue being held.  

I will recommend this book.   

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review Charlotte Lynn! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Your welcome Rhoda. Thank you for the chance to work with you.