Friday, January 26, 2024

Now Live!! One Night to Win You by Julia Jarrett


Title: One Night To Win You
Series: The Donnellys of Dogwood Cove
Author: Julia Jarrett
Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance, Single Mom, Firefighter, One Night Stand
Release Date: January 24, 2024
Cover Design: @shanoffdesigns

She needs a one-night stand, and I'm just the man to fulfill her hot firefighter fantasy.

A few hours of mutual pleasure, and then I’ll never see Tori Charles again, because one night is all I ever do.

No strings, no commitments and definitely no repeats.

But two months later, the single mom I can't seem to forget moves to my small town.

I know I need to keep my distance. Tori and her son Cooper deserve a forever kind of guy, and I'm more love 'em and leave 'em.

But this woman has gotten under my skin. She's irresistible, even though I'm a committed bachelor.

What harm could a secret-friends-with-benefits arrangement really be?

“I like you,” Sawyer blurts out, his body tensing under me.

“I like you, too,” I reply softly, unsure where he’s going with this. He shifts me so that I’m straddling him and we’re facing each other. An uncharacteristically serious expression is on his face.

“No, I mean, I really like you.” I see his adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallows. “This was meant to stay casual, just fun, but it’s more than that for me. I want more.” He sucks in a breath. “If you do.”

My jaw falls open in shock. With a gentle touch, he uses his finger to push it closed.

“Say something, even if it’s just to let me down and tell me to get lost,” he pleads. But yet again, he’s rendered me speechless. Yes, me, the author, is without words to describe how I feel, hearing him echo what’s been building inside of my heart for weeks now.

I kiss him, instead.

I pour everything into the kiss. All my hope, all my fear, all my desire. And he meets me with every press of his lips, every touch of his hands caressing my body, holding me tighter into him.

He pulls back, a wide grin on his face. “Does this mean you’re okay with being more than friends who f*ck?”

“As long as you still f*ck me.”

He stands up, lifting me with him, and strides down the hall to my bedroom. “As if I could ever stop. You’re mine now, angel.”

Julia Jarrett has a passion for writing sexy, sweet, contemporary romance novels that are full of relatable heroines, and the swoon-worthy men who fall in love with them.

Julia is a busy mother of two boys, a happy wife to her real-life book boyfriend, and the owner of two rescue dogs. If you’re looking for her, she’s probably sitting in a comfy chair somewhere, drinking tea and dreaming of a sunny vacation.


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