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Book Review for What You Do To Me by Rochelle B. Weinstein

 What You Do To Me by Rochelle B. Weinstein

Published October 17, 2023 by Lake Union Publishing

Genre:  Romance


Taken from Goodreads:  From the bestselling author of This Is Not How It Ends comes a moving novel of two unfinished love stories and the music and lyrics that bring them together.

Journalist Cecilia James is a sucker for a love song. So when she stumbles across a clue to the identity of the muse for one of rock’s greatest, she devotes herself to uncovering the truth, even as her own relationship is falling apart.

While writing an article for Rolling Stone, Cecilia works to reveal the mystery that has intrigued fans and discovers a classic tale of two soulmates separated by fate and circumstance. Rock star Eddie Vee once sang with his soul, dedicating love songs to Sara Friedman, his inspiration and first love. Now, Eddie takes refuge in anonymity, closed off to the past. Sara, too, has distanced herself from their love, moving thousands of miles away to live the life she once railed against. As Eddie and Sara tentatively open up to Cecilia about broken dreams, she struggles to give them a happy ending. In the process, she learns that broken hearts can be healed—even her own.

What You Do To Me is the story of a love song and of the triumph of the heart over the greatest of odds. Even for those who have written off love forever.


My Thoughts:  What You Do To Me is a story of love making someone be very cautious about opening their heart but then realizing that opening your heart to someone is the greatest risk with the greatest reward.   

Cecilia has a dream job and now that job is giving her the chance to solve the mystery of who the love song is truly written for.   It has been a mystery since the song first played on the radio.  The song was the main story of this book but her relationships were just as important. The relationship with her boyfriend was perfect for them both until it was not.   Her relationship with her dad was also perfect when she was young but as she grew up it became something else.     I felt like I was watching Cecilia grow up.   She learned some very hard lessons but also was able to make the choices that were right for her to get the future that she really wanted.  

 Rochelle B. Weinstein wrote a book that had me cheering for the characters, invested in the story, and hoping it never ends.   I would recommend What You Do To Me to anyone who is looking for a romance that is more than romance.   There is family dynamics, career choices, relationship choices, and romance. 

Thank you Lake Union Publishing for a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest reaview. 

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Meet Rochelle B. Weistein (taken from her website):
 USA TODAY and Amazon bestselling author of This Is Not How It Ends, Somebody's Daughter, Where We Fall, The Mourning After, and What We Leave Behind.

 A little about me. I was born and raised in Miami, Florida among the chaos of three older siblings. After graduating college, I moved west to Los Angeles where I launched my career at the LA Weekly, running advertising and promotions for film studios and record labels.

 After a few colorful years, I returned to Miami, landing my first dream job through an ad in The Miami Herald. Yes, an actual newspaper. For the next ten years, I managed the advertising, marketing, and promotions for every record label in the country at The Box Music Network. Our offices on South Beach were the hub for musicians and record executives worldwide. Work consisted of meeting talented superstars and listening to great music. Fun, right?

 Marriage and kids soon followed in the form of dream job number two, and The Box eventually moved to New York. Sometime in between raising the twins, PTA meetings, carpool, flag football, basketball, and lacrosse tournaments, writing freelance, cheering on the Dolphins and Heat, and volunteering at organizations near and dear to my heart, dream job number three took root, and I became a full-time author.

 Life has a funny way of happening this way. Doors open and close. Avenues await. One path leads to another. I thought life was fun before, but nothing is more fun than this.




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