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Book Review for The Shortest Years by Kelly Simmons


The Shortest Years by Kelly Simmons

Published November 25th 2022


Taken from Goodreads:  They each lost a daughter. Now if they could only bury their secrets and shame.

The lives of three very different young mothers intersect in a parent Grief Group that meets in a local church. Still reeling from their losses and crimes committed against their children, the women are hungry for answers, understanding and purpose – and yes, for fun. But as their friendship grows, so does their questionable behavior -- and their suspicions about each other. Were any of them complicit in their children’s deaths? And are they lying to the Grief Group, or just to themselves?


My Thoughts:  Kelly Simmons wrote a psychological thriller about losing a child and the parent Grief Group.    Three women meet at a Grief Group and become friends.  Their behavior from their first meeting was off.  There was more to their story than their child dying.   There was blame, reasoning, and so many secrets.   I still am not sure what the truth is.   


There is nothing easy about losing a child, I am thankful that I have not experienced it.  I did not connect with any of the women.   I wanted to feel their pain, I wanted to feel their sorrow, and I wanted to care that they got the help they needed.   I just did not.    With that, I could not stop reading.  I was intrigued with where the story was going, hopeful that it would all come together and the women would get the help that they need.


I hope that others will give this book a chance, read this thriller, and enjoy the twists and turns.   


Thank you Kelly Simmons for a copy of the book in exchange for y honest review.

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Meet Kelly Simmons (Taken from her website):  Kelly Simmons was born the same day as Dorothy Parker. Coincidence? She thinks not. She’s a former journalist, advertising creative director and the author of eight novels sold in a dozen countries, from Simon & Schuster and Sourcebooks. She teaches in the Drexel University MFA program, and is a member of The Tall Poppy Writers and The Liars Club, a nonprofit dedicated to helping fledgling novelists.


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