Thursday, July 22, 2021

Re-Release of Operation Amethyst by Leesa Wright


Today we have the release blitz for Leesa Wright’s Operation Amethyst! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this gorgeous historical romance today!

Title: Operation Amethyst

Author: Leesa Wright

Genre: Historical Romance

About Operation Amethyst:

Operation Amethyst takes the reader on an immersive historical journey with chilling twists and turns through war-torn Vietnam at the height of the War. A trail of secrets, in a faraway land could shatter the fiery American Prima Ballerina’s glamorous lifestyle. Captain Elijah Corrington’s mission: To keep the American prima ballerina, Elyse Booker, safe from North Vietnamese Army and the auction block. He quickly learns she’s not going to make this the easiest mission he’s ever faced. A family’s legacy of serving in the Marines Corp. The war-hardened marine, Elijah, is used to having his orders followed without question. She is fiercely independent and, at times, mischievous. Elyse, oblivious to the danger she’s facing is not about to take orders from some arrogant, handsome, stubborn marine. Three tours of duty could not prepare the Captain for the toughest battle of his life.   Or for the Promise of Passion and Love. . .   For the lovers of Ellen Marie Wiseman’s, The Orphan Collector, Leesa Wright has brought her love of history to life in this new 20th Century Historical Fiction Romance. OPERATION AMETHYST is available now. Come and be swept up in this romantic saga set in the midst of the Vietnam War.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Elyse woke with the arm of the Captain around her waist, his hand resting on the curve of her hip. Her head laid on his chest. She made a sound that was more of a kitten’s mew. Elijah looked down into her face. “Good morning, brat.” Elyse’s sleep-fogged brain couldn’t comprehend his sarcasm, so she snuggled closer to his chest and sighed her contentment. Elyse’s eyes flew open when she realized her head lay on his chest and her proximity to him. She sat up, her hands splayed on the ground, and she stared into his gorgeous brown eyes. My breath. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth. “I think I need a toothbrush,” she said. ~*~*~ He was stunned into silence as his eyes roamed her face, her tousled hair, loosened from her bun as she had slept, fell in soft waves to curl around the curves of her breast and hips. The cleavage she unknowingly displayed, and that delightful tiny mole on the top of her left breast. Her eyes, Purple? No, amethyst. Porcelain skin and pink pouty lips. He had never seen a more beautiful woman, and he shook his head to clear his thoughts. Focus man, focus. He leaned over and grabbed his rucksack. Opening a side pouch, he pulled out a spare toothbrush still wrapped in clear plastic and handed it to her. “I guess I came prepared.” He handed her his canteen. “It’s Kool-aid.” “You brush your teeth with Kool-aid?” she asked incredulously. He gave a wry grin. “Not just any Kool-aid, grape Kool-aid. Fresh water when we can find it can be nasty. This covers the taste of the iodine pills we use to sanitize the water.” He picked her bobby pins off his chest and the ground next to him and handed them to her. “You have ten minutes then we move out.”   “Seven men were ready within ten minutes. You took twice as long.” The Captain stated as she moved to pass him on the path. “Girl. I had to brush my teeth, wash my face. Thank God Mountain had water. I had to fix my hair and eat another nasty C-ration. I thought I did pretty well.” He grunted, rolling his eyes in response.    

About Leesa Wright:

Leesa makes her home in the Twin Cities metro area with her husband and her two dogs Rosie and Jax. When she isn’t writing she enjoys gardening, painting, and reading romance novels. She and her husband also enjoy movies, traveling, and entertaining their two grown children along with several beautiful grandchildren. Leesa’s favorite romance authors are Kathleen Woodwiss, Christine Feehan, and Johanna Lindsey. The book’s inspiration came one night from a dream about the characters, a song, and the story around them.  

Connect with Leesa:

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