Monday, March 6, 2017

Luellen & Lucy by Dee DeTarsio

Paperback, 279 pages
Published November 11th 2016 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
"A Charming Gone With the Wind era love story . . ."

The Civil War may be over, but for thirty-year-old Luellen, the battle has just begun. After burying her husband and children, Luellen and her lifelong friend, Lucy, pack up secrets and set about rebuilding their lives up north. But as Luellen finally finds the love and security she never thought she deserved, Lucy disapproves of the match and threatens to ruin Luellen’s chance at happiness.

Closer than sisters, neither can bear to part from the other until a train robbery changes everything. Lucy slips into Luellen’s life, while Luellen is embroiled in her kidnapper’s quest.

From bidding adieu to southern traditions to embracing love, compassion combats betrayal as Luellen and Lucy bravely face the future.

My Thoughts…

The 1800’s is an interesting time.    The Civil War has just ended and life is starting to return to normal.   Luellen lost her husband and children due to sickness and had settled into a loveless life.   I felt like the first man to pay attention to her would win her heart and that is what happens with the doctor.   She was quick to agree to marry him and anxious to head to Ohio to start a new life.    Lucy, her almost sister, called her out on her expectations many times yet still supported her even if she could see the errors of Luellen’s ways.    I liked that no matter what Lucy’s opinion was there was no doubt that she would go with Luellen and help her adjust to married life.  

My favorite part of the book was Luellen’s kidnapping.     She never gave up hope of returning to her family while you could see that she did not hate where she ended up as much as she was acting like she did.     I had some inclinations as to what Luellen would find when she made it back to the doctor and Lucy so that was not a surprise to me, but I was surprised at how forgiving she was of Lucy. 

Some of the wording was confusing to me but more due to the fact that Dee DeTarsio did her homework and wrote the book as if truly set in the 1800’s.     The phrases and ways of life were so different then.     I enjoyed the scenes when they were talking about telephones and phonographs.    The amazement and disbelief that these items could be used was fun.  

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  1. Thank you so much for reading Luellen & Lucy and for your thoughtful review! This is one of my favorite time periods (though I'm grateful I didn't actually have to live back then)! Thank you again--take care and Happy Reading!