Monday, August 22, 2016

The Last Treasure by Erika Marks

Paperback, 368 pages
Published August 2nd 2016 by NAL

From the author of It Comes in Waves and The Guest House comes a novel of three lives entangled in the secrets of the sea and the enduring bonds of love.

As students with a shared passion for shipwrecks, Liv, Sam, and Whit formed a close bond searching for the mysterious Patriot, a schooner that disappeared off the Carolina Coast in 1812 with Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia aboard. But as the elusive ship drew them together, love would bring them even closer—and ultimately tear them apart.

It’s been seven years since Liv left Sam to be with Whit, and the once close-knit triowent their separate ways. Liv has given up her obsession with Theodosia Burr to focus on her career as a salvage diver and her passionate but troubled marriage to the reckless and hedonistic Whit. But when a diary of Theodosia’s is discovered in a collector’s estate, she is pulled back to the world of the Patriot, this time with startling new clues to what might have really happened.

Diving back into the lost history of the Patriot could be just what Liv needs to find closure to a mystery that still haunts her. But when she and Whit reunite with Sam for one last salvage in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, buried romantic tensions begin to resurface, and once again Liv must choose between two men with very different hearts.

My Thoughts…

The history, the facts, and the story all pulled me right into the story of Theo.     Liv is obsessed with Theodosia Burr and what happen to her.     She pulls both Sam and Whit into her search for what happen to Theo.     While the history is interesting and I learned so much about a person that I didn’t even know existed before I picked up The Last Treasure, I really enjoyed the dynamics between Liv, Sam, and Whit.  

The odd trio work meet in college and end up working together to search shipwrecks.  I was interested in who Liv would end up with.   Would she be better matched with Sam or Whit?      Erika Marks did a great job showing how a relationship could or would be with each of the guys.    I am still on the fence as to who is better with Liv but I am sure there is a true love winner in this trio. 

I really liked was how true Liv stayed true to herself.    She grew up without a mother and with a father who was extremely demanding of her time and attention yet she was able to learn to stand up for herself, stand on her own two feet, and blaze her own trail in life.   She did not let those saying she couldn’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t be able to dive, find out the truth, or live her own life pull her down or push her off her path. 

The Last Treasure is a romance, but more than that I felt it was a mystery.   A mystery of what happen to Theo and what Liv’s future is.    I recommend picking it up.    

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