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Book Blog for Fallen Raven Duet by Diana A. Hicks with a GIVEAWAY


Fallen Raven Duet by Diana A. Hicks

Publication date: July 24th 2023
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Now a 2023 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Romance – Contemporary genre!

“Diana A. Hicks painted a slow-burn romance balanced on the dark edge of danger…Fallen Raven will capture the minds of readers who enjoy Mafia political romances with plenty of action to entertain them.” – Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

Both books in the Fallen Raven Duet included in one bundle.
Fallen Raven, Book One

Seventeen-year-old Aurora Vitali didn’t have the best life in Las Vegas, but it was a place to call home. When her father scores a win after so many fails, he abruptly moves the whole family to the Upper East Side in New York City. Aurora is quickly seduced by the glitz and glamour of her new world, where designer clothes, limos, and beach parties are the norm.

Her first day at their elite school, she meets Enzo Alfera, one of the royals. He’s rich, gorgeous, and so dangerous. The magnetic pull she feels when he’s near is absolutely irresistible. She’s warned to stay away, and that’s exactly what she plans to do. Except every time their paths cross, neither one of them can deny their powerful attraction.

Going against their parents’ wishes, they give into their burning desires. He’s dark and cunning. She’s sweet and innocent. Together, they are explosive.

But their parents have plans of their own. The choices they make to get ahead threaten to pull Aurora and Enzo apart. Now the star-crossed lovers have to decide if their forbidden love is worth going against everything and everyone.

Enzo knows what he wants. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep Aurora for himself. If he fails, it could destroy them both.

Fallen Raven, Book Two
I should’ve stayed dead.
I should’ve run when he challenged the winning bid.
I should’ve said no to his contract.

But the ruthless Don Enzo Alfera gets what he wants.
He wants revenge.
More than anything, he wants me.

A Note from Diana: Fallen Raven Duet is a standalone romance, featuring Enzo and Aurora, and is part of the Crime Society World. No cliffhangers. Complete Story. This modern day Romeo and Juliet retelling is about never letting go. Check TW
This book features:
✔️ He falls first
✔️ Star-Crossed lovers
✔️ Angst, family feud
✔️ Forbidden love


Diana A. Hicks is an award-winning author of steamy romantic suspense and science-fiction romance.

When Diana is not writing, she enjoys hot yoga, kickboxing, traveling, and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate. She lives in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband. Connect with Diana on social media to stay up to date on her latest releases.

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Release Blitz for Wicked Ties by Susana Mohel


Wicked Ties by Susana Mohel is now live!

I was trying to do the right thing, not looking for trouble.
What would you do if you found a wounded man on the sidewalk? Call 911 and stay with him until his family arrives at the hospital, right? So I did, then I went back to my life.
Except, he vowed to find me. And he did.
Scorching hot sports agent, Percival Hills.
He claims I saved him, and in return, he's offered to give me whatever I want.
I just wanted fun, and he promised to deliver.
It started as a wicked game of pleasure, and then everything changed.
Will the ties that bind us keep us together or tear us apart?

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3LTaVcF

Meet Susana Mohel

Susana Mohel is a USA Today best-selling author whose stories sizzle like the sunshine in her Southern California mountains.

Her fast-paced, angsty contemporary romance novels transport readers to a world of spunky heroines and hunky heroes who find their way to a happily ever after… with plenty of spiced-up moments along the way.

When she’s not writing, Susana can be found wandering the trails along with her husband or creating chaos in her garden.


Connect with Susana

Website | www.susanamohel.com

Goodreads | https://bit.ly/3oKQDVh

Amazon | https://amzn.to/2LOEXSD

Facebook | www.facebook.com/SusanaMohel

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Release Blitz for Hawaiian Holiday by Elle Jordan


Hawaiian Holiday by Elle Jordan is now live!

Two weeks in paradise over the holidays with your best friend? Say less. 

The only problem? 

Isla's bestie didn't make the flight and now she has to spend the holidays completely alone in Hawaii. 

Her luck turns when she is seated next to an All-American hottie on the flight to paradise.

Cal is also in need of some company. He thought a family vacation would be great, but he quickly realizes he can only handle so much family bonding. Back at home, he lives a structured, all work, no play life. It's no surprise that Isla has a way of convincing Cal to do just about anything.

Sparks fly as they spend two weeks exploring the island and their attraction to one another. Isla thinks she can keep it casual and go their separate ways after two weeks together.

Will Isla and Cal be able to return back to their lives after two weeks, or will this holiday hook-up end up as extra baggage on the way home?

Spoiler alert: It definitely ends up as extra baggage. 

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Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3tu5Ktq

Meet Elle Jordan

Elle is just your typical book lover turned writer. Her full time gig is at a small rural hospital where she channels all of her Grey's Anatomy vibes. She enjoys being outside (preferably while drinking a strong margarita) and playing with her dogs. Oh, and her husband. She has been writing since high school but recently decided to dive back into the world with writing romance novels.


Connect with Elle

Goodreads | https://bit.ly/3LQHk3l

Amazon | https://amzn.to/46G8JNu

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Book Review for Serendipity at the End of the World by Karissa Laurel

 Serendipity at the End of the World by Karissa Laurel

Published November 14, 2023 by Red Adept Publishing LLC


Taken from Goodreads: 
Steampunk, Zombies, and Romance…

Serendipity Blite inherited her father’s crackerjack shooting skills, while her sister, Bloom, got his knack for mechanical engineering. The siblings’ talents make them a formidable pair capable of surviving the apocalyptic aftermath of the Dead Disease. Their skills also attract the unwanted attention of Moll Grimes, a ruthless woman intent on building a new empire in a city infested with undead.

When Bloom goes missing, Sera suspects Moll has something to do with it, but attempting a rescue mission on her own would be suicidal. Sera seeks help from a band of unlikely allies, including Erik LaRoux, an enticing young man with a curious scar, and a collection of alchemists obsessed with developing a cure for the Dead Disease.

Sera’s alliance with Erik challenges her old ways of coping, and so do his kisses. Her fierce independence won’t be enough to save her sister. But as she opens herself to new possibilities, an unfortunate accident sets Sera teetering on the edge of a deadly abyss. Surrendering to it would bring an end to her grief, pain, and fear, but surviving could mean finding family, love, and maybe even a cure.


My Thoughts:  This book is far out of my comfort zone that I almost did not read it.  But I have read Karissa Laurel before and have always enjoyed her books, so I gave it a try and am glad that I did.   I will not become a zombie book reader, but I will read more of the genre from Karissa Laurel.  

I kept picking up my ereader to read just a little more, just a couple more pages, wanting to know what was going to happen to Bloom.  Is Erik really going to help Sera?  I was invested in the story and needed to know what was going to happen next.  The descriptions of the city inhabited by the living dead had me picturing the streets as Sera and Bloom traveled them to find ways to stay alive.  I could picture Erik helping Sera out many times.   There were many twists to the story that I did not foresee but I enjoyed them all.

The ending seemed rushed, almost like the book hit the right number of pages so it had to end.  I very much hope that there will be more to Bloom and Sera’s story.   There are many loose ends to tie up. 

Thank you Red Adept Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Meet the Author (taken from her website):  Karissa lives in North Carolina with her son, her husband, the occasional in-law, and a polka-dotted puppy named Puzzle. Some of her favorite things are Southern cuisine, crocheting, superheroes and Star Wars. She can quote Princess Bride verbatim. In the summer she's camping, kayaking, and boating at the lake. In the winter, she's curled up on the sofa with a skein of yarn and a good audio book.


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Audiobook Review for His Wicked Ways by Melissa Foster

 Audiobook Review for His Wicked Ways

Blaine Wicked (The Wickeds: Dark Knights at Bayside, Book 5)

By: Melissa Foster

Narrated by: Andi ArndtJacob Morgan

Length: 11 hrs and 37 mins

 Publisher's Summary:

He's used to women doing as he says in and out of the bedroom. Find out happens when he meets the one woman who won't submit to his wicked ways in the newest insanely sexy, deeply emotional, and laugh-out-loud funny stand-alone romance by New York Times best-selling author Melissa Foster.

Blaine Wicked can spot trouble a mile away. As the eldest of five and raised in a Dark Knights biker family, he has always been a protector. Rescuing a stripper from a bad situation comes with the territory, regardless of the hell the mouthy, slightly awkward, and seriously hot leggy blonde gives him for it. She’s far too innocent to bend to his wicked ways, but the more he learns about her, the harder it is for him to walk away.

Forensic scientist Reese Wilder never imagined herself as the entertainment at a bachelor party, but she’d do anything to keep food on the table for her teenage sister. With their mess of a mother in rehab—third time’s a charm, right?—Reese is stuck paying off their mother’s debt to a dealer and trying to make ends meet. Reese has had it rough, and she knows better than to rely on anyone for help, much less a pushy biker with piercing blue eyes who probably has dozens of women at his beck and call.

The more flames Reese throws, the more determined Blaine is to walk through them. The closer he gets, the hotter they burn—and the more curious she becomes. But Blaine Wicked has the power to torch Reese’s walls to embers, and with her sister’s well-being at stake, that’s a risk she can’t afford to take.

 Audiobook Review:  Holy Heat!  🔥🔥🔥These narrators had to be sweating as they told Blaine and Resse’s story.   These two had my earbuds burning.  I love the dual narrators and Andi Arndt and Jacob Morgan are two of my favorites.   Melissa Foster knows how to write a book that will not let you put it down and her choice in narrators are always talented at bringing her characters to life. 

 eBook Review: If you have ever blushed while reading a book, this book will make you blush more.  The sexy scenes have a heat level that should melt the pages and the sweet scenes should have you feeling all the love and respect the characters have for each other.  

Blaine might be the ultimate protector of everyone.  He may think he cannot let himself be romantic and sweet, but he is so wrong.  His heart is opening and letting Reese in.  Reese has had nothing but bad luck in her life, starting with being born to parents who do not take care of her.  Her self-reliance is the only thing she can rely on.  Until she meets Blaine. 

In true Melissa Foster style, the characters are phenomenal.  The friendships are amazing. The storyline was one that I could not stop reading.  I am always excited to visit Bayside and The Dark Knights to catch up with past characters and meeting the new ones.


Get your own copy :

AUDIBLE: https://lnk.to/HWWa_Audible

AMAZON: https://lnk.to/HWWa_Amazon

APPLE: https://lnk.to/HWWa_Apple Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/201947881-his-wicked-ways


Meet Melissa Foster (taken from her website): 
 Melissa Foster is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of more than 100 novels. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic, always family oriented, and feature fiercely loyal heroes, smart, sassy heroines, and complex relatable issues.

Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name,  Addison Cole.

Melissa enjoys chatting with readers and book clubs. Send her an email invitation to your next event!




Exerpt for The Flirt Alert by Kaylene Winter with a GIVEAWAY


The Flirt Alert 
by Kaylene Winter

Publication date: November 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


When a man who has everything will do anything to ease the pain of the incredible woman who’s living with a timebomb.

My best friend’s twin, Shay Stojanović, is my ultimate gamer dream girl come to life.

Gorgeous, flirtatious and popular, she didn’t know I existed.

Until one fateful night, she made this nerd’s every fantasy come true.

The next day she blew me up like a frag grenade.

Years later, Shay’s brother and I have built a billion dollar gaming company.

He had the nerve to give his shady sister a coveted executive role.

Oh, I’m not going to make it easy on her—she’ll quit. You’ll see.

Everything’s going exactly to plan…

Until we get stranded at the top of a mountain.

And I learn the truth.

Now I can’t—and won’t—resist her.

She has a lot to overcome.

And I’m just the man to soothe her hurt.

It’s Shay’s turn for a flirt alert.

The Flirt Alert is a scorching, standalone, billionaire, enemies to lovers, best friend’s brother, forced proximity, STEM workplace, HEA romance.

Excerpt:  She ruthlessly chewed me up and spit me out without a second thought. Miles wasn’t there to witness it because he was otherwise…occupied. The aftermath could have ended our friendship, but Shay moved away so… Anyway, seeing Shay again is going to suck but I can’t let the situation fuck things up with Miles. I’m smart enough to know if it comes down to it, he’ll always choose his twin sister. 

You can’t change who your family is. I live with this sad truth every fucking day. 


Oh, I know it’s been years and I should forgive and forget and all that.

Revenge sounds better, though. 

Yeah. Much better. 

I should be a bigger person. I’m no longer a scrawny, insecure geek. I’ve built Hungry Llama into one of the hottest companies in the world. I’m not hurting for cash. I own several properties. I have no problem getting laid. I’d like to think I’m a decent boss. I support a ton of philanthropic causes.

So why can’t I let it go?

Because I want to bring her down a notch.

Yep. That’s it. I want to give her a taste of her own medicine.

I’ll let Miles know I’ve changed my mind and Shay can report to me. Then I’ll be an asshole. Not any asshole, a subtle asshole. Take great pleasure in making her life miserable until she quits on her own accord. That way I’ll get rid of her and keep my friendship with Miles intact.

I stand at the window.

It’s snowing again. Everything is quiet.

The world might look peaceful from up here, but I know better.

A storm is beginning, and I'm standing directly in its path.



When she was only 15, Kaylene Winter wrote her first rocker romance novel starring a fictionalized version of herself, her friends and their gorgeous rocker boyfriends. After living her own rockstar life as a band manager, music promoter and mover and shaker in Seattle during the early 1990’s, Kaylene became a digital media legal strategist helping bring movies, television and music online. Throughout her busy career, Kaylene lost herself in romance novels across all genres inspiring her to realize her life-long dream to be a published author. She lives in Seattle with her amazing husband and dog. She loves to travel, throw lavish dinner parties and support charitable causes supporting arts and animals.

Author links:

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Now Live!! Clash of Kings by Faith Gibson


Title: Clash of Kings
Series: Rebel Moon Shifters
Author: Faith Gibson
Release: November 22, 2023
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance
Cover Designer – Corey Majeau, Majeau Designs
Photographer – Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog

“This book was over way too soon. I want more. 5 stars without a doubt.” ~ Lita T (Goodreads)
“Faith Gibson did a fabulous job with Clash of Kings! Sebastian and Dakota are the perfect match for each other.” ~ Julie W (Goodreads)
“Sebastian and Dakota are a match made in flannel. It’s a proud but sad moment with the passing of the guard as Bas becomes king.” ~ Victoria B (Goodreads)

He’s a Gargoyle King. A trusted friend. A fierce warrior.

Sebastian Stone is ready to take his place as Gargoyle King. Like his father before him, Bas has the strength of their Clan to aid in his rule. The only thing missing is his Queen. He encountered the she-wolf as a teen, but before they could meet, she vanished. Ten years later, and Bas has resigned himself to living life as a solitary Gargoyle. Things are changing in the shifter world, and Bas has taken it upon himself to search out and meet with other Alphas to keep their secret safe. Things are going well until he runs into a different kind of king – one who is determined to undermine Sebastian at every turn.

She’s a wolf shifter. A bartender. A romantic fool.

Dakota Young is unlike the other single females of her pack who’d do anything to become the Alpha Mate. There’s a reason she refuses the bond, one only her family and best friend knows. Dakota believes a man from her past, one who is likely dead, will somehow find her. The notion is far-fetched, but Dakota is nothing if not stubborn. With each day that passes, it gets harder to stick to her guns and not fall prey to the demands of her pack. With both the Alpha and her father breathing down her neck, Dakota makes a rash decision. Just when she’s ready to move on with her life, fate intervenes.

Two alphas are vying for the same female. When the claws come out, will either King still be standing?

The next generation is here. The kids from The Stone Society and The Hounds of Zeus MC series have grown up, and it’s their turn to protect humans while keeping their own existence hidden. And if they find their mates along the way? Even better. It isn’t necessary to have read the two original series, but you will find more of the characters’ back-stories there.

Multi-genre author Faith Gibson began writing in high school, and through the years, penned many stories and poems. Since she was a child, her dreams (and sometimes nightmares) were vivid constructs, making her shake her head and ask, “where the hell did that come from?” Many of these nighttime escapades have led to a line, a chapter, or even a complete story.

“Love is love, and there’s not enough love in the world.” This belief she holds strongly, and it's the prevailing theme in her works, all of which come with a happy ending.

Faith believes her purpose in life is to entertain the masses, even if it’s one person at a time. Aspirations of becoming a rock ‘n’ roll drummer didn’t come to fruition, but she’s fulfilling a different dream, and that’s bringing stories to life one book at a time.

Faith lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with the love of her life and her American Staffordshire pup, Luna, the writing partner. When she’s not hard at work writing her next adventure, Faith can often be found reading, cooking up something in the kitchen, listening to live music, or off on an adventure of her own.