Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Book Review for The Lies She Told by Lynda Renham


The Lies She Told by Lynda Renham

Publication: 5 July 2023

In the quiet Cotswold village where DS Beth Harper has lived for most of her life, the crime rate is extremely low, and that’s how everyone likes it. Then, soon after her new boss, DI Tom Miller, arrives from London, a local schoolteacher is brutally attacked and left for dead in her home. The victim—a friend of Beth’s—remembers nothing.

Beth finds herself clashing with Tom and worrying that a recent tragedy will affect his judgement as a police officer. But there may be an even bigger question: Is it a burglary gone wrong that’s turned the village upside down—or could the violence be connected to something far more deadly?


My Thoughts… When I first started reading Lynda Renham the books were quirky, fun, and easy to read.   I love that she has branched into the thriller, mystery genre.  This is the second thriller style book of hers that I have read and LOVED!  Her writing talent shines through with the way the characters come to life, the setting becomes real, and the storyline pulls me right in.  

The village of Stonesend is the quiet little community where everyone knows everyone and nothing exciting happens.  Until it does.   I could picture the quaint houses and the close friendships. I liked that even when things get scary the town sticks together and does not let it tear them apart.   They continued to protect and support each other while also being careful to stay safe.  

The thriller/mystery of the story had me guessing as to who would want to hurt anyone in this town.  I had guesses, Lynda led me right down a path then changed directions that had me wondering if I really had any clue as to who was responsible for Kate’s attack.   I will happily admit that I had no clue who-dun-it.  I love when I am left guessing until the author finally reveals the truth. 

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