Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Book Review for Secrets and Lies by Lynda Renham

Secrets and Lies
by Lynda Renham

Publication Date:  March 28, 2023

Genre:  Thriller

Taken from Amazon:  A couple looks forward to a promising future in a new house—but a past darkness threatens to destroy it, in a new thriller by the bestselling author of Remember Me.

It’s Flora and Adam’s dream home: Hunters Moon, in the peaceful English village of Penlyn. Adam’s political career has just taken a turn for the better, and the only thing left to complete the couple’s happiness is a baby. Adam believes Hunters Moon will give them the new start they need—and help Flora overcome a recent miscarriage.

But Flora senses something odd about the house and soon realises it isn’t all it seems. Did the previous owner commit suicide or was she murdered? What are the villagers hiding? Is the lake at the bottom of the garden as peaceful as it seems?

Soon Flora finds herself entrapped in a web of deceit with no one to turn to—and her dream home starts to become her nightmare . . .


My Thoughts:  I have always been a fan of Lynda Renham’s comedy and romance books and now that she is writing psychological thrillers I am an even bigger fan.    I love getting pulled into a book, hook on the drama, and having to turn page after page to find out what will happen.   That is exactly what I feel when reading Secrets and Lies. 


Hunters Run is a creepy, old house in a creepy small town.     The minute Flora walks into the house she feels the ghosts, smells the roses, and knows something is off but her husband, Adam, pushes to purchase the house.     When left alone at the house there is a feeling that the house comes alive.   There are shadows in the window, noises left unexplained, boats leaving the docks, and smells that shouldn’t be there.      Is she going crazy?  Is the house haunted?    I was never sure; I wanted to believe it wasn’t her losing her mind.    


Lynda Renham is as talented writing her thrillers as she is in her other works.    I recommend picking up your own copy ASAP.


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Meet Lynda Renham (taken from her website):  Lynda Renham is the author of the bestselling Romantic Comedy novels Croissants and Jam’ ‘Coconuts and Wonderbras’ and ‘Pink Wellies and Flat Caps’  The Dog’s Bollocks Rory’s Proposal’ and ‘It Had to be You’ as well as many others.

Lynda also writes psychological thrillers; you can find out more about those on her thriller page. Lynda lives in the beautiful Cotswolds, where the inspiration for many of her novels come from. Lynda is always keen to hear from her readers and you can contact her on Twitter and Facebook

Lynda has recently signed with publishers Bloodhound Books so do join their Facebook page to learn about any new books being released next year.

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