Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Release Blitz for Captivated by the Light by Cheryl Sloan with a Giveaway


Today we have the release of Captivated by the Light by Cheryl Sloan, the first in her sexy romantic suspense series! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Captivated by the Light

Author: Cheryl Sloan

Genre: Romantic Suspense

About Captivated by the Light:

Determined to live life on her terms, Jenna Lachlan

focused her energy on growing her business all the while

flying under the radar, but fate had other plans.

Insert the sexy, assertive, and captivating Cameron Rijker

into the fold, and the stakes just got higher. He pushed

her buttons, decimated her comfort zone, and made

her yearn for a life she long since vowed wasn't

in the cards.

Their attraction was immediate, their chemistry

undeniable, and their connection unparalleled.

However, beneath the surface remained a secret so

big that Jenna would go to any lengths to keep

hidden no matter the cost.

The only downside to anonymity was that you could

never fully trust anyone but yourself.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Something amusing you, Jenna?” He asked. “Yes, you.” “Me?” His spine straightened, and the tension brewing below my waist began building momentum. “Where’s the dominating man I know—” “He’s not far away I can assure you.” He interrupted before I could finish. “It’s not like you to be so willing to hand over control, yet here you are, letting me take the lead on the designs. You’re giving me an awful lot of power. You know that, right?” “I do.” The edge in his voice was a seductive purr, making me question his agenda. “I’m not interested in playing games, Cameron,” I replied, fully prepared to go head to head with him. “I can assure you; I never play games.” His shoulders pushed his upper body back flush against his desk chair while his arms folded across his chest. “When it comes to business,” he added with a cocked eyebrow and a suggestive glint in his eyes. “Business aside, what are your plans for dinner tonight, Jenna?” I stood up and took my growing frustration out on the laptop as I jammed it in my purse with authority. “Jenna, I asked you a question.” His brusque tone startled me. “I don’t know I’ve lost my appetite.” I lied. Irritated by his behavior, I refused to inform him of my plans for heading out of town. “Hopefully, not because of me?” His voice softened. Yes, because of you and your mercurial personality disorder, I wanted to say. “I’m not sure really what to think right now.” This man had me exasperated and running in circles. “What’s with this attitude of yours?” “My attitude?” My hand flew to my chest as if I’d been stung by his words. “You didn’t sleep in your bed? You barely spoke two words to me in the kitchen this morning. What’s a girl to think? But don’t worry. I get it. You’ve had me now, and it’s time to move on. So for the sake of both of us, let’s not drag this out any longer. I can still keep things professional as long as we are working together if that is a concern.” A sinking feeling pushed down on my chest, threatening my next breath. “Is that what you really want?” he asked. His expression was unwavering as he studied me intently, searching for a hint as to the direction I was leaning. No, was my gut reaction. If Cameron was having doubts, I wished he’d be upfront about them. “Isn’t this what you want?” I twisted his words and threw them back at him. He stood up and held his hand out to me. “I’d rather show you what I want.” I needed to keep my composure, stand my ground, and end this now before my emotions delved deeper. However, my head and heart were miles apart as I placed my hand willingly in his.  

Title: Blindsided by Darkness

Release Date: September 15th

With everything Jenna had worked toward at risk,

yet everything she'd ever dreamed of to gain, she had

to decide if Cameron jeopardizing her trust was

worth the risk of letting her guard down.

Getting involved with another man was never part of

her plan. However, Cameron wasn't just any other man.

He was the one. He was an unexpected ray of light

in an otherwise darkened existence.

So, when Jenna's past and present collide, and viable

threats emerge from the shadows, she finds herself

fighting for the future and a life she hadn't believed

she was worthy of until Cameron showed her what

it meant to be truly loved.

Title: Darkness to Light

Release Date: October 13th

When Jenna's past was called into question, truths

uncovered, and a stunning secret revealed, her world fell

apart in the most earth-shattering of ways.

One so devastating and profoundly painful, there

was no escaping the hollowness that would remain

in her heart until she righted the wrongs of the past.

While Jenna was no stranger to a blindside, nothing

would stand in her way as she fought to reclaim the

life she rightfully deserved. However, being

confronted by one's worst nightmare, meant her

fortitude would face the ultimate test.

The problem with putting your life on the line was not

everyone would walk away unscathed.

About Cheryl Sloan:

Cheryl Sloan lives an hour outside Toronto with her husband, two children, and has a love for all things creative. With the unwavering support and encouragement of her husband, she decided to abandon her comfort zone and pursue her dream of becoming a published author. When she’s not lost in crafting her character’s world or cuddled up with a good book and her lapdog Labradoodle, she can be found spending quality time with her family and hanging out at the ballpark supporting their favorite MLB team.

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