Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Wedding Tree by Robin Wells

Published December 1, 2015 by Berkley

I received a copy from Penguin Random House Publishing for a honest review.    Thank you Lauren Burnstein. 

Hope Stevens thinks Wedding Tree, Louisiana, will be the perfect place to sort out her life and all the mistakes she’s made. Plus, it will give her the chance to help her free-spirited grandmother, Adelaide, sort through her things before moving into assisted living.

Spending the summer in the quaint town, Hope begins to discover that Adelaide has made some mistakes of her own. And as they go through her belongings, her grandmother recalls the wartime romance that left her torn between two men and haunted by a bone-chilling secret. Now she wants Hope’s help in uncovering the truth before it’s too late.

My Thoughts…

I am not sure what is better… the wonderful quaint town of Wedding Tree or Gran and her life story.    

 Let’s start with Wedding Town.    The town is wonderful.    While everyone knows what everyone else is doing, there is also a true sense of community.      They look out for each other, help each other without questions, and gossip about each other.    Yet, it is all harmless.  No one spread viscous rumors, everyone shares the good news and if there is something bad happening they all pitch in to make it good.    It is the type of town that you read about in books, see in movies, and truly hope that they exist and that you can move there.   

Now onto Gran.    She is amazing.    At her senior age she realizes she is not as sharp as she use to be but accepts that.   She takes each thing thrown at her and turns it around to make it a positive thing.     I love that she kept her secrets for her entire life and now she is sharing her life with her granddaughter and family.      As she is packing up her house to move to California, her memories come back and she has to share them.   I also love that she talks to her mother, the mother that is floating on the ceiling.   Everyone needs their mother and when you are sick you need your mother twice as much.   

The other characters in this book are just as wonderful.   From the barista in the local coffee shop to the nurses that come and take care of Gran when she goes home they are all important to the story.    Every part is just some of the whole story.      Hope, Gran’s granddaughter, and Matt are wonderful also.     Their stories are just part of the whole story.   The fact that Hope has been at loose ends, not really finding what she was suppose to do in life, led her to Wedding Tree and to Matt.   Matt is a widow with two young children and a sister-in-law who would really like to be his wife.      Their story is one of caution, trust, and re-opening your heart. 

The Wedding Tree is a sweet and emotional story that tells the tale of broken dreams, finding yourself again, and love.  

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