Monday, July 17, 2017

Defiance (Heart Lines Series Book 5) by Heather Hildenbrand

Kindle Edition, 330 pages
Expected publication: July 13th 2017

Everything is a lie. 

Sam has spent the last six months sorting through plots against the people she cares for most. Learning who to trust—and who to kill. And just when she thought she had it all figured out, the good guys separated from the bad, her world is upended.

Ea’s vessel has been revealed.

The equinox is coming.

Sam knows it’s up to her to stop what’s coming—and who is bringing it. If she doesn’t, the goddess inside her will take over, erasing what’s left of Sam’s sense of self. In fact, Hina’s already struggling for dominance.

But how can Sam possibly battle evil itself when her heartbreak is so great she can’t even heal Alex when he needs her most? Sam needs time. And time is the one thing she doesn’t have.

Alex is struggling to heal and to help Sam stay grounded. But he’s got his own mystery to solve. A secret about himself and his past that he doesn’t even know exists. Together, they’ll battle demons inside and out.

Alex isn’t who he thinks he is. Sam isn’t the only one who was chosen.

Book 5 in the edge-of-your-seat Heart Lines Series from Heather Hildenbrand.

My Thoughts…
Sometimes a series can get dragged on too long….  The Heart Line Series should go on forever.   This is book 5 in a series that must be read in order and each book is equally amazing.    Heather Hildenbrand is phenomenal.   The characters are fun, entertaining, and wonderful.    I need to know what happens with Sam and Alex.   I am invested in the characters and the storyline. 

Defiance picks up exactly where the last book, Imbalance, left off.     Sam and Alex have been attacked, are running away from EA, and Hina is becoming stronger.  The paranormal aspect is amazing, yet believable.   I like that most of the characters are trying to live a normal life yet have special powers that keep them from truly being normal.     It is also wonderful how much these characters protect each other.    Even when the world is against them they work together to keep everyone safe. 

I love that there is no lap in time between books.    The storyline continues and the books are release in a reasonable timeframe.   This is a series that has to be read in order and I definitely recommend starting with book 1 and moving right along.    The good news is the first 5 are available now so you can binge read them all.    

Thank you Heather Hildenbrand for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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